OOoCon2006 Lyon 12 Sept - NeoOffice presentations

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by Patrick Luby & Ed Peterlin

Videos recorded 12 Sept at OOoCon in Lyon.

Java and NeoOffice

time: 36'00"

  • coding languages (Java, Cocoa, Carbon), why/what choices were made
  • memory usage
  • threading, event queues, locking
  • graphics/drawing
  • VCL / NWF, OOo architecture


Aqua is Here! The Solution: Demystified

time: 30'27"

  • scrollbar arrow (up-down) vs. downdown
  • tabs (left) vs. center & first/last
  • shadows (no transparency in OOo) -> borders -> having to draw also parent
  • controls
  • checkbox
  • preferences (label/text backgrounds)
  • progress bars
  • edit fields (focus ring)
  • mnemonics
  • editing mark (document has been edited)
  • UI text/button color querying (accessibility, e.g. ShapeShifter)
  • "heartbeat pulse" animation thread for progressbars & other animated controls
  • native printing (native modality, sheet UI)
  • native open/save dialogs (native modal dialog, extra thread, must run in primordial thread — otherwise lots of problems)
  • OOo button size (area) vs. Aqua button size (inluding shadow)
  • file picker the trouble of both VCL thread and aqua thread have to co-exist, locking, event filtering


Building NeoOffice

time: 17'28"


More NeoOffice Audio talk

NeoOffice: The Next Steps.mp4 (21.7MB - time: 33'16")
NeoOffice in the Business, Government, and Educational Sectors.mp4 (26.8MB - time:41'19")
Thespian Drinking Madness!.mp4 (2.7MB - time: 4'11")
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