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My approach to Mac FOSS.

I'm a mac user since 1990. My first Mac was IIfx with MacOS 7.2. I pass through OS8, 9 till X. I think to be an advanced user of traditional mac graphic application like QuarkXpress, AdobePhotshop, Macromedia Flash and Dreamweawer. Till now I thougth that Mac was the best computer I can ever use despite 90% world user pc.

Recently, due to my ethical point of view, I've decided to use and promote FOSS over Mac, but when I get a glance to it I catch an headache and I feel little depressed. All Mac usability is lost!

Using Terminal seems to go back to DOS prompt, all these .hidden file/folder seems to make system control lost and, last but not least, mac versions are often one step behind other one.

So, this little site is to make Mac FOSS easier to use to all not developer/programmer user.

Happy MhACking!

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