How to use VNC through SSH tunnel

by Gand — last modified 2007-06-26 03:08 PM

How to connect to a remote computer using a VNC client through a secure SSH tunnel made by Fugu.

You need:

  • An active VNC server on the remote host (System Preference ->Sharing ->Apple Remote Desktop)
  • An SSH account (System Preference ->Sharing ->Remote login)

Creating the tunnnel

From the SSH menu, select New SSH Tunnel,
a new Create SSH tunnel window will open:


Fill fields in this way:

  • Create tunnel to: enter the name of the server you want to connect to via the SSH tunnel.
  • Service or Port and Local Port: VNC use port number is 5900 plus the display number - in other words, display zero is port 5900, display one is port 5901, etc.
  • Tunnel Host: the name of the computer on which you've got a valid SSH account. Could be also your Localhost if **Remote login **is active.
  • Username: the user name you have on ssh server.
  • Port: optional, could be left blank.

Click the Start Tunnel button. When you've authenticated, a small window will be put in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, containing a pop-up button in which the tunnel information is listed.


Using the tunnel

Now, with your VNC client, do not connect to the Remote Host, but to your own computer, or localhost, therefore provide the remote VNC server password in a secure way.

To close the tunnel, simple click the Close Tunnel button. You will be prompted to confirm the closure. Click Close Tunnel.

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