Going Flash-Free with Camino

I’d completely disabled Flash Player on my Mac following John Gruber's solution. That works fine1 using Safari and cheating with Goolge Chrome when you need the Flash player; that is creating a quick keyboard shortcut2.
I've used it for about one month but I was missing my preferred browser, Camino that I find really more stable3. Problem was that there is not a "Open Page With" menu in Camino and this is annoying when I wish to view a page with Flash content. Solution came browsing PimpMyCamino with a little modification of Open Current URL in Safari.

Applesctript solution in toolbar

Is an applescript to put in your ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Camino folder (create the folders if necessary). Then customize your toolbar in Camino to add it (Ctrl-click on toolbar to add script icon).
Now when I am on a page in Camino with a Flash content I wish to view, just click on Chrome icon on toolbar and boom, Chrome launches and loads that page.


Download it and:

  1. Double click to unzip
  2. Move it in your ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Camino folder (create the folders if necessary)
  3. Ctrl+click on toolbar to "Customize Toolbar…"
  4. Drag Chrome script icon on toolbar
tell application "Camino"
    set CurrentURL to URL of current tab of front browser window
end tell
tell application "Google Chrome"
    open location CurrentURL
end tell

All credits goes to Open Current URL in Safari (for the script) and Google Chrome (for the icon).

Automator solution with keyboard shortcut

If you prefer to use a keyboard shortcut Phiw authored an Authomator workflow that appears in the Services menu on OS X 10.6. You can assign a keyboard shortcut using the Keyboard pane of System preferences (customise how to).


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Move the worflow into your ~/Library/Services

The service should appear from the service when you run Camino (you might need to logout before the service is recognized). You can assign a keyboard short cut.

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