Ghostscript tutorial

by Gand — last modified 2007-06-26 03:09 PM
How to install Ghostscript using i-Installer.

Some aplications like Scribus need Ghostscript to manage EPS images.
You can install Ghostscript using i-Installer following these steps:

Download i-Installer and follow instructions (as are reported here).

  • The i-Installer application download can be found here: II2.dmg.
    This will download a disk image.
    A disk image is a file that contains an image of a disk. Such a file can be used just like a disk can. You need to mount that disk image. Mounting a disk image can be done by double clicking it in the Finder.
  • When the disk image has been mounted, you will have an extra ‘disk’ listed in your Finder window.
  • On it you will find two files, a README file and the application itself. If you want i-Installer to be available permanently, copy the application on the mounted disk image to /Applications (or /Applications/Utilities) by dragging it in the Finder.
  • Run i-Installer by double clicking it and (if you are connected to the internet) select the Known Packages submenu.
    You will be presented with a list of known packages.
  • Now select Ghostcript 8 and click on Open i-Package button
  • In the new window click on Install & Configure button and insert password when request.
  • Now i-Install download and install Ghostscript package as prompted in the Status Messages.
  • Click Yes button to add /usr/locl/bin to your Command Line Interface environment.
  • And this message tell you that the installatiopn finished without errors.

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