eXe-Learning quick reference

by Gand — last modified 2007-06-26 03:10 PM
Quick start reference to create web pages and Learning Object SCORM 1.2 with eXe-Learning.


Get eXe-Learning from:

eXe is a XHTML editor that help you create web pages and Learning Object with SCORM 1.2 standard.

  1. Use Add Pages to create and add pages as Topics, Subtopics and Units.
    Delete to delete them. Rename to change their name.
  2. One click is enought to add an iDevice (Instructional Devices).
  3. Insert text on this area using icons to modify text style, alignment and more.
  4. Save the iDevice contents with one clik on green check mark.
  5. Save your project as source .elp file with menu command:
    File -> Save as…
    Save your project as web pages with menu command:
    File->Export->Web Site->Self-contained Folder
    Save your project as SCORM 1.2 .zip file with menu command:
    File->Export->SCORM 1.2

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