Setting up and using IRC with Colloquy

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IRC (Instant Relay Chat) is a low-bandwidth chat protocol, similar to instant messenger, but allows for multiple users to be communicating at the same time. To use IRC, you must first have a client. You then use this client to connect to IRC servers. Once connected to a server, you then join a channel to begin "chatting." This article provides step-by-step details on configuring an IRC client, joining a channel, and other tips and tricks.

Colloquy site: here |Screencast

After launching Colloquy, you will first need to establish a connection with an IRC server. This is done via "New Connection…"(cmd+N) in the File menu. A dialogue will appear asking you for a Nickname and the Chat Server's address. You will have to choose a unique nickname. If the nick that you select is already in use, you will get an error when attempting to connect. If it is unique, you willbe able to register it once you have connected.
The FreeSMUG channel ishosted on the server: Enter that in the dialogue andcheck "remember this connection" as shown here…


Now click "connect." You will then be connected to the server and a chat window will appear. A drawer can be opened (shift+cmd+D) to see the other users in the channel and tabs enabled (in preferences) for multiple channels. Colloquy is completly customizable allowing you to change the fonts, colors, and even skin used for the chat window.


To register your nickname, type "/msg NickServ REGISTER <password>", where "<password>" is a unique password that you select. Make sure that you write this down as it is extrememly difficult to get it reset if you should forget it.

To set up Colloque to automatically identify (provide your password) you when you join a channel, open the connections dialogue (cmd+1, or Window > Connections) and Get Info on "" (right click or click the Info icon), like this


You may then enter your nickname and password…


and set it to automatically join any channels when you launch the app…


See this site for more information, tutorials, and frequently asked questions.

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Setting up and using IRC
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