Ready to install binary packages for MacOS X. (Universal/PPC/x86)

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• (U) = Universal binaries • (PPC) = PowerPC • (x86) = Intel

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ic_vlc8.4.jpg VideoLAN Media player. (U)
ic_iina.png IINA The modern video player. (U)
ic_mpv.png mpv Media player. (U)
ic_niceplayer.jpg NicePlayer Media palayer. (U)
ic_movist.jpg Movist Movie Player based on QuickTime & FFmpeg. (U)
ic_mplayerx.png MPlayerX Player for almost any media format (x86)
ic_mplayer.jpg MPlayer OSX Binary distribution of "The Movie Player for Linux". (U)
ic_umplayer.jpg UMPlayer Universal Multimedia Player. (x86)
ic_xbmc.jpg XBMC Media player and entertainment hub for digital media. (PPC/x86)
ic_OBS.png OBS MultiPlatform Software for video recording and live streaming. . (x86)
ic_perian.jpg Perian QuikTime plug-in to play most video format. (U)
ic_xiph.jpg XiphQT To use Xiph formats in any QuickTime-based application. (U)
ic_handbrake.jpg HandBrake Multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter. (U)
ic_videomonkey.jpg VideoMonkey Video encoding application. (U)
ic_fairmount.png Fairmount DVD decryption. (U)
ic_miro.jpg Miro
(was DTV Beta, was Democracy Player)
Internet TV player. (U)
ic_cacaoweb.jpg Cacaoweb Watch, share and host videos and files online with no limits. (x86)
ic_tribler.jpg Tribler Filesharing p2p. (U)
ic_shotcut.png Shotcut Video editor. (x86)
ic_jahshaka.jpg Jahshaka Realtime Editing and Effects System. (U)
ic_openshot.png OpenShot Video Editor Video editor. (U)
ic_natron.png Natron Nodal compositing software to produce visual effects. (x86)
ic_jubler.jpg Jubler Tool to edit text-based subtitles. (U)
ic_cocoajt.jpg CocoaJT TV/Radio channel player. (U)
ic_tvshows.jpg TVShows TV Shows download. (U)
iv_vidnik.jpg Vidnik Make and upload movies to YouTube. (U)
ic_gawker.jpg Gawker Creates time-lapse movies using a webcam. (U)
ic_tracker.png Tracker Video analysis and modeling tool to be used in physics education. (U)
ic_xvideoservicethief.jpg xVideoServiceThief Internet video download/convert utility. (x86)
ic_subler.jpg Subler mp4 muxer and editor, to add tx3g subtitles, video, audio and chapters tracks. (U)


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