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Utility to export Safari RSS feeds as an OPML file. This enabled you to import your list of feeds into other news aggregators.

Safari2OPML - Export Safari RSS to OPML file.

You can import Safari RSS feed into news aggregator like Vienna.
By the moment also empty folders are exported, this is a know issue that will be solved next release.


Safari2OPML is tested with these aggregators:

Vienna OK
Sage (Firefox extension) OK
Google Reader OK
RSSOwl Failed
BlogBridge Failed
Gregarius OK
NetNewsWire OK
Shrook OK

please report your experience to keep this table update.


  • Double clik Safari2OPML icon.
  • Browse to destination folder where to save Safari_date.opml file.
  • Press Cancel to quit
  • Press Open button.
  • Check your path and press Save & Quit button.
  • Press Cancel if you wish select another destination
  • Press Quit to quit
  • A file named "Safari_YY-MM-DD_HH.MM.SS.opml" is created.
  • Or error is reported.
  • Open your preferred News aggregator and import your Safari.opml file.

Script code

Safari2OPML script source code page.

Change log

  • r2.0 (2006-11-24)
    First public release
    Based on King-on Yeung script.
  • r_1.2 (not released)
    Based on Sameer D'Costa script.



Thanks to Sameer D'Costa, King-On Yeung and Steve Palmer for their support.
Safari2OPML is packaged using the Platypus script.
Dialog made by CocoaDialog.

Safari2OPML © 2006-2010
Carlo Gandolfi -

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.


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