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ic_tuxpaint.jpg Tux Paint A simple and enteraining drawing program for children. (PPC)
ic_cosmicpainter.jpg Cosmic Painter A drawing application a bit like a Spirograph. (PPC)
ic_foobillard.jpg FooBillard 3D billard game. (PPC)
ic_tuxracer.jpg Tux Racer Race down mountainous terrain as quickly as possible. (PPC)
ic_frozenbubble.jpg Frozen bubble Colorful animated penguin eyecandy game. (PPC)
ic_neverball.jpg Neverball Is part puzzle game, part action game, and entirely a test of skill. (PPC)
ic_nogravity.jpg No Gravity 3D space shooter. (U)
ic_battleforwesnoth.jpg The Battle for Wesnoth A turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme. (PPC)
ic_mactrunculi.jpg Mac Latrunculi Roman Empire game board. (U)
ic_MacBZFlag.jpg BZFlag Online multiplayer 3D tank battle game. (PPC)
ic_xonotic.png Xonotic First person shooter. (x86)
ic_freeciv.jpg Freeciv Multiplayer strategy game. (U)
ic_crawl.jpg Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Role-playing roguelike game of exploration and treasure-hunting in dungeons. (x86)
ic_warzone.jpg Warzone2100 3D realtime strategy game on a future Earth. (U)
ic_openttd.jpg OpenTTD Open Source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
Open Transport Tycoon files (needed to play).
ic_bricksmith.jpg Bricksmith Virtual Lego modeling. (U)
ic_jduplicate.jpg JDuplicate Online scrabble word game suite. (PPC)
ic_enigma.jpg Enigma Puzzle game inspired by Oxyd. (U)
ic_jsokoban.jpg JSokoban Puzzle game. (PPC)
ic_fretsonfire.jpg Frets on Fire Musical skill game. (x86)
ic_krank.jpg Krank Relaxing casual game. (U)
ic_jose.jpg Jose Chess game. (PPC/x86)
ic_vdrift.jpg VDrift Driving racing simulation. (U)
ic_simultrans.png Simultrans Transport simulation. (x86)
ic_torcs.png Torcs Car racing simulation. (x86)
ic_armagetronadvanced.jpg Armagetron Advanced A Tron clone in 3D. (U)
ic_xmoto.jpg X-Moto 2D motocross platform game. (U)
ic_jrisk.jpg JRisk Java version of the classic RISK board game. (U)
ic_freecol.jpg FreeCol Free Colonization clone. (U)
ic_0ad.png 0 A.D. Historical Real Time Strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare. (x86)
ic_supertuxkart.jpg SuperTuxKart 3D kart racing. (U)
ic_alphababy.jpg AlphaBaby Kids fun "typing" on the keyboard. (U)
ic_privateergold.jpg Privateer Gemini Gold Remake of space adventure game Wing Commander Privateer. (U)
ic_golly.jpg Golly Game of Life simulator. (U)
ic_fightgear.jpg Flight Gear Flight simulator. (U)


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