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ic_yoursql.jpg YourSQL by Magister Ludi A simple and quick MySQL database client. Download (PPC)
ic_white.jpg VNC Virtual Network Computing Cross-platform remote control. (PPC/U)
ic_white.jpg GNU/Linux.iso A Linux iso is a file containing a cdrom disk image of a Linux distribution.
ic_white.jpg Gentoo MacOS X "Apple, we have a problem" - Gentoo MacOS X Released.
ic_menumeter.jpg MenuMeters CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools. (32bit) (x86)
ic_q.jpg Q - kju: Cocoa port of quemu. (PPC)
ic_quemux.jpg QemuX Qemu GUI for Mac OS X. (PPC)
ic_winebottler.jpg WineBottler Runs Windows Programs directly on OS X. (x86)
ic_celestia.jpg Celestia The free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. (U)
ic_stellarium.jpg Stellarium Desktop planetarium. (U)
ic_clamxav.jpg ClamXav Virus checker for Mac OS X. (U)
ic_desktopmanager.jpg Desktop Manager Virtual desktops manager Unix like. (PPC)
ic_virtuedesktop.jpg Virtue Desktop Virtual desktop manager. (U)
ic_shifit.png ShiftIt Tool that lets you organize your windows. (x86)
ic_burn.jpg Burn CD/DVD disk burn application. (U)
ic_yuburner.jpg YuBurner CD/DVD disk burning software. (U)
ic_ganttproject.jpg Gantt Project Plan projects using Gantt charts. (U)
ic_openproj.jpg Open Proj Project management solution. (U)
ic_sidetrack.jpg Sidetrack Trackpad utility. (PPC)
ic_netrestore.jpg NetRestore Restore utility. (U)
ic_quickerpicker.jpg QuickerPicker Application launcer. (PPC)
ic_checkoff.jpg Check Off To-Do manager. (No more openSource) (U)
ic_taskcoach.jpg Task Coach To-Do manager. (U)
ic_xmind.jpg XMind Brainstorming and mind mapping tool. (U)
ic_freeplane.png Freeplane Mind mapping and knowledge management software. (x86)
ic_pomodoro.jpg Pomodoro Time Management based on the Pomodoro technique you can find here. (U)
ic_worktimer.jpg Worktimer Timetracking utility. (U)
ic_timetracker.jpg Timesheet Desktop time tracking utility. (PPC)
ic_timetracker_2.jpg TimeTracker Track time spent on projects and tasks. (U)
ic_stretchly.png Stretchly Break time reminder app. (x86)
ic_iterm.jpg iTerm A full featured terminal emulation program. (PPC)
ic_jumpcut.jpg Jumpcut Clipboard history utility. (U)
ic_gfxCardStatus.jpg gfxCardStatus Graphics card status monitor. (x86)
ic_xscreensaver.jpg XScreenSaver Free screen savers. (U)
ic_cakebrew.png Cakebrew GUI client for Homebrew. Install, check or remove apps. (x86)
ic_arRsync.jpg arRsync Backup and synchronization tool. (U)
ic_synkron.jpg Synkron Sync tool. (U)
ic_freefilesync.png FreeFileSync Backup and file synchronization software. (x86)
ic_unison.jpg Unison File-synchronization tool. (U)
ic_unarchiver.jpg The Unarchiver Zip, Tar, Rar, 7-zip, StuffIt and more unarchiver. (U)
ic_rarexpander.jpg RAR Expander Extracts RAR archives. (U)
ic_zipeg.jpg Zipeg The easiest way to open RAR and ZIP files. (U)
ic_keka.jpg Keka File archiver for Mac OS X. (x86)
ic_cashbox.jpg CashBox Personal finances managing application. (U)
ic_grisbi.jpg Grisbi Personal finances manager. (PPC)
ic_buddi.jpg Buddi Personal finance and budgeting program. (PPC)
ic_sage.jpg Sage Mathematics software system alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab. (U)
ic_maxima.png Maxima Computer Algebra System written in Common Lisp. (x86)
ic_jclic.jpg JClic Tool for the creation of didactic activities:
puzzles, associations, text exercises, crosswords…
ic_exe.jpg eXeLearning eLearning XHTML editor. (U)
ic_sophie.jpg Sophie Multimedia authoring tool. (U)
ic_chmox.jpg Chmox CHM file reader/viewer. (U)
ic_diskinventory.jpg Disk Inventory Disk usage utility. (PPC/U)
ic_grandperspective.jpg GrandPerspective Disk usage utility. (U)
ic_genius.jpg Genius Flashcards memorization. (U)
ic_drawbot.png DrawBot Write simple Python scripts to generate two-dimensional graphics. (x86)
ic_keepassx.jpg KeePassX Password manager. (U)
ic_macpass.png MacPass KeePass-compatible password manager. (x86)
ic_bwana.jpg Bwana Man page viewer for browser. (U)
ic_todos.jpg Todos Applications laucher. (U)
ic_truecrypt.jpg TrueCrypt Disk encryption software. (PPC/x86)
ic_cryptomator.png Cryptomator Client-side encryption for your cloud files. (x86)
ic_packages.jpg Packages Installation and distribution packages tool. (U)
ic_fancontrol.gif FanControl Fan preference pane utility. (x86)
ic_shady.png Shady Screen brightness utility. (U)
ic_goldencheetah.jpg Golden Cheetah Cycling performance software. (U)
ic_ingredients.jpg Ingredients Cocoa documentation viewer. (U)
ic_applejack.jpg AppleJack Troubleshooting assistant. (U)
ic_synergy.png SynergyKM Share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers. (U)


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