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Ready to install binary packages for MacOS X. (Universal/PPC/x86)

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• (U) = Universal binaries • (PPC) = PowerPC • (x86) = Intel

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ic_audacity.jpg Audacity Audio editor. (PPC/x86)
ic_songbird.jpg Songbird Jukebox and media player. (x86)
ic_clementine.jpg Clementine Music player and library organizer. (x86)
ic_audioslicer.png AudioSlicer Split MP3 files. (U)
ic_freac.png fre:ac Audio converter and CD ripper for various formats. (U)
ic_ardour.jpg Ardour Digital audio workstation. (U)
ic_play.jpg Play Play and manages audio files. (U)
ic_nlyrics.jpg nLyrics iTunes controller & companion. (U)
ic_radioparadise.jpg RadioParadise Official Radio Paradise application for Mac, iPhone and iPad. (x86)
iRATE radio Free and legal music. (PPC)
MP3 Sushi Server Network Jukebox and Radio broadcast station. (PPC)
ic_streamripper.jpg StreamRipperX Internet radio recorder. (PPC)
ic_max2.jpg Max Audio converter in over 20 compressed and uncompressed formats. (U)
ic_dekstasy.jpg DeKstasy DJ audio mix. (PPC)
ic_googlemusic.png Radiant Player App for Google’s Play Music service. (x86)
ic_senuti.jpg Senuti Extracts music from iPod to Mac. (U)
ic_cog.jpg Cog Audio player. (U)
ic_tag.jpg Tag Metadata editor for FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio & WavPack files. (U)
ic_ipoddisk.jpg iPodDisk Copying music off your iPod. (PPC)
ic_ishout.jpg iShout MP3 Stream player and recorder internet radios. (PPC)
ic_lilipond.jpg LilyPond Music notation program. (PPC/x86)
ic_musescore.jpg MuseScore Composition and notation software. (U)
ic_jalmus.jpg Jalmus Education software to improve sight-reading. (U)
ic_opensong.jpg OpenSong Manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overheads and computer projection. (U)
ic_helm.png Helm Standalone synthesizer or as an LV2, VST, AU, or AAX plugin. (U)
ic_hydrogen.png Hydrogen Advanced drum machine. (x86)
tuxguitar.jpg TuxGuitar Multitrack guitar tablature editor and player. (U)
ic_getlyrical.jpg Get Lyrical Adds lyrics to songs in iTunes. (U)
ic_ariamaestosa.jpg AriaMaestosa Midi tracker/editor. (PPC)
ic_senorstuff.jpg Señor Staff Music composition and MIDI playback. (U)
ic_xld.jpg XLD X Lossless Decoder Lossless audio decoder. (U)
ic_krix.jpg Krix Visual misic browser. (U)


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