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Shell Script (Release 2.9)

Portable Adium.app is packaged using the Platypus script wrapper from http://sveinbjorn.sytes.net/platypus

AppleScript (from release 2.1)

tell application "System Events" to set perc to the path of container of (path to me) as alias
set perc to quoted form of POSIX path of perc
do shell script "export HOME=" & perc & "app; open " & perc & "app/abiWord.app"

Shell Script (till release 1.0)

This is the script that start AbiWord from any device:


here="`dirname \"$0\"`"
echo "Starting AbiWord from '$here'."
export HOME="$here"
open "$here/app/AbiWord.app"
echo "Done!"
echo "When finish, quit Terminal.app before eject your portable device."


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