OS X Portable Applications - ALL DISCONTINUED

OS X FOSS portable applications are packaged so you can carry around on any portable device, USB thumb drive, iPod, portable hard drive, memory card, other portable device (or also on your internal hard disk), taking your preferences with you.

Portable Apps are no more supported

Warning: Data and passwords stored with Keychain are not portable!

ic_pappslionpatch.png Portable Apps Lion Patch This Patch will solve Mac OS X Lion 10.7 incompatibility of Portable Applications.
ic_portableff.jpg Portable Firefox OS X The award-winning Web browser just got better.
It's free, and easy to use. Join the millions of people worldwide enjoying a better Web experience.
ic_firefoxlive.jpg Firefox Live CD OS X Open Firefox from read-only media.
ic_portablecamino.jpg Portable Camino Web browser optimized for Mac OS X with a Cocoa user interface, and powerful Gecko layout engine.
ic_portablechromium.jpg Portable Chromium Safer, faster, and more stable internet browser.
ic_pTB.jpg Portable Thunderbird OS X An e-mail and newsgroup client with powerful, new junk mail controls.
ic_pAdium.jpg Portable Adium Multiple protocol instant messaging client.
ic_portablelibreoffice.jpg Portable LibreOffice Personal productivity suite.
ic_portableabiword.jpg Portable AbiWord OS X Word processing program similar to Microsoft® Word.
ic_portablenvu.jpg Portable Nvu OS X A complete Web Authoring System. HTML wysiwyg editor.
ic_pSunbird.jpg Portable Sunbird OS X Cross platform standalone calendar and task manager.
ic_pCyberduck.jpg Portable Cyberduck FTP and SFTP Browser.
ic_portablecheckoff.jpg Portable Check Off To-Do Manager.
ic_portablegimp.jpg Portable Gimp.app A binary distribution of the GNU Image Manipulation Program for Mac OS X.
ic_p_newspeak.jpg Portable Newspeak Cocoa IRC client for Mac OS X.
ic_portableinkscape.jpg Portable Inkscape OS X Scalable Vector Graphics editor.
ic_portableVLC.jpg Portable VLC OS X Video stream and multimedia player.
ic_p_audacity.jpg Portable Audacity OS X Audio editor.
ic_PortableOOo.jpg Portable OpenOffice.org OS X Complete Office suite.
ic_PortableRSSOwl.jpg Portable RSSOwl RSS, RDF, Atom newsreader.
ic_PortableFeed.jpg Portable Feed Ligth RSS & Atom newsreader.
ic_PortableXChatAqua.jpg Portable X-Chat Aqua IRC client.
ic_portablevienna.jpg Portable Vienna RSS/Atom newsreader.
ic_pceltx.jpg Portable Celtx Screenwriting production breakdown.

ic_p_safari_f.jpg Portable Safari Keep all your bookmarks and preferences on your portable drive.
ic_p_mail_f.jpg Portable Mail Keep all your mail and preferences on your portable drive (use with Portable Address Book).
ic_p_ical_f.jpg Portable iCal Keep all your events on your portable drive.
ic_p_addressbook_f.jpg Portable Address Book Keep all your contacts and cars on your portable drive.
ic_p_ichat_f.jpg Portable iChat Keep all your buddies on your portable drive.
ic_syncpappx.jpg SyncPAppX Sync Portable Applications with local ones.


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