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Posted on 05 Feb 2023 19:05

Ice Cubes: for Mastodon, iMast, Metatext, tooot added to Net/www directory.

Ice Cubes: for Mastodon


Ice Cubes: for Mastodon is a fast, reliable and beautiful Mastodon client.
You can connect to any Mastodon instance and use the various features this app offer.

  • Browse your home, federated and local timeline
  • Favorite, boost, share, and even quote any toot!
  • You've read it right, this app offer a quote toot feature, Ice Cubes will also embed any other toot link so the content is easily readable.
  • Organize your timeline with lists, add and remove users from lists, create new lists!
  • Filter your timeline by your lists, followed tags and more.
  • The timeline is also live, this app is connected to the powerful streaming API of Mastodon so you won't miss any content!
  • You can even pin other instance local timelines, you can keep up with all your communities from the same account.
  • Explore, search and discover new content with a powerful explore tab.
  • Dedicated tab for your direct message.
  • Multi accounts support and easy switch between your accounts.
  • A lot of customisation options.
  • ChatGPT Integration, you can get a little help from your AI friend when composing your toot, it can help you correct your text or even shorten it!
  • And much more to discover within the app.

And much much more to come. This is the first version of the Ice Cubes, and it's not supporting all the features Mastodon offer as of yet.

Home Page:
App Store:
Developer: App:




iMast is a Mastodon client for iOS and iPadOS.
It has the following features:

  • Login with multiple accounts
  • Change via of post (name of linked app on Mastodon)
  • Real-time updates with streaming home timeline, local timeline and lists
  • Post the song you're playing in the Music app
  • Auto post in combination with Shortcuts App
  • Notification list display and push notifications (push notifications need to be activated separately from settings)
  • Change timeline font size
  • Multi-window support for iPadOS

Home Page:
App Store:
Developer: App:




Metatext is a free, modern, open source, and accessible Mastodon client.

  • Multiple accounts: You can add multiple accounts and even use several accounts simultaneously with iPad multitasking.
  • Emoji: Metatext has a searchable custom emoji picker and supports animated custom emoji.
  • Timeline management: Metatext remembers your home timeline position and can load gaps in either direction
  • Mastodon features: Metatext supports most Mastodon features including lists, profile directory, and syncing filters
  • Accessibility: Metatext supports VoiceOver, Dynamic Type, dark mode, and motion reduction.
  • Private: No tracking or any information shared with third parties.

Home Page:
App Store:
Developer: App:




tooot is an open source, simple yet elegant Mastodon mobile client.
tooot supports:

  • Cross platform, including iPadOS and MacOS
  • Multiple accounts
  • Dark mode or adapt to system
  • Adjustable toot font size
  • Push notification

Home Page:
App Store:
Developer and App:




Tusker is a free and flexible client for the Mastodon social network and other compatible services.

  • Notification grouping: Combine favorite, boost, and follow notifications into a single row to get a more glance-able view of your notifications.
  • Timeline sync: Keep your timeline position across all your devices using iCloud.
  • Customize timelines: Pick which timelines (including lists and hashtags) are pinned to your home tab, and apply filters to hide posts you're not interested in.
  • Tweak your experience: Tusker has a wide variety of preferences to allow you to customize how you use the app. From changing the appearance and interactions, to configuring how content warnings work, Tusker supports it all.
  • Digital wellness options: Tusker has a variety of preferences to help you manage how you use social media, including by turning infinite scrolling off or showing all images in grayscale.
  • Accessibility: VoiceOver, Voice Control, Dynamic Type, and more are all fully supported.
  • Multiple accounts: Sign in to multiple accounts and quickly switch between them.
  • Modern Mastodon features: Support editing filters, viewing trending posts/hashtags/links, following hashtags, and more.
  • Broad software compatibility: Tusker also has builtin support for the Glitch and Hometown variants of Mastodon; as well as Pleroma, a Mastodon alternative; and PixelFed, a photo-sharing social network.

Home Page:
App Store:



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