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Posted on 03 Dec 2022 17:39



It is a revision package for GIMP 2.10.32, already released a a few months ago, re-built with our new MacPorts-based infrastructure on both x86_64 (“macOS on Intel” architecture) and AArch64 (“macOS on Apple Silicon”).

Note that we provide 2 DMG packages now, one for each architecture, not a single universal package. The website will try and detect which architecture you are on, but if it fails to detect properly (detection is not as easy on some browsers), be careful to choose the version for the correct hardware (“for Intel” or “for Apple Silicon“).

This is why we recommend every person on macOS (whichever your hardware) to update GIMP with this revision 1 of GIMP 2.10.32.

As usual, get these updates on GIMP’s download page!


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