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Posted on 01 Dec 2020 18:12


About ten years ago (2011.01.18) I released the first buid of Chromium v. 8.0.552.237.
Sadly I've to announce that after 254 releses I've to discontinue this project.

Chrome is the new Explorer and, if privacy matter to you, please switch to Safari or Firefox.

If you need Chromium to solve Chrome incompatibility issue with standard browsers you can find last releases here:

Thanks for your support.

For those interested here is my .sh build script:

# First read this page for system requirements:
# https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/master/docs/mac_build_instructions.md

#!/bin/sh -x
LAST_STABLE=85.0.4183.102; #insert here last stable version number
mkdir ~/chromium;
# fetch --nohooks chromium; #to download source the first time
cd ~/chromium/src;
git config --global core.precomposeUnicode true;
git fetch --tags;
git reset --hard "${LAST_STABLE}";
git clean -df;
gclient sync -D --with_branch_heads --jobs 16 --force;
gn gen out/Release;
ninja -C out/Release chrome;
# your binary is in ~/chromium/src/out/Release


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