Happy birthday FreeSMUG #OSX

News ยป Happy birthday FreeSMUG #OSX

Posted on 01 May 2011 09:38

FreeSMUG is 7 years old

1 May 2004: FreeSMUG site said "Hello world!"
During this last year we had to migrate our server to wikidot hosting.
We are still waiting to be an official Apple online User Group, but we are happy to celebrate our seventh birthday.

One year later Seven yeras later
140 members 121 members after site migration
50 apps are listed in the directory 300+ apps are listed in the directory and counting
150 news published 1000+ news published, now on Twitter
we are official mirror of NeoOffice we are official mirror and torrent tracker of NeoOffice
- we are official mirror of BlenderArt magazine and run BlenderArt torrent tracker server
first FSuiteCD.iso published 7 FSuiteCD.iso published (37,175 downloads)
- we released and maintain 28 OS X Portable Applications (582,290 downloads)
- we build Chromium stable release
300 visitors average per day about 700 visitors average per day (3,394,334 total pages served)
0$ donations still 0$ donations


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