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Posted on 11 Oct 2014 11:10


Brackets, code editor for web designers and front-end developers added to Office/Editing directory.
Brackets was founded by Adobe as a community guided, open source project to push web development editors to the next level.

Live HTML Development
As you code, HTML changes are instantly pushed to browser (only Google Chrome supported, not Chromium) without having to save or reload the page.

JS Debugging with Theseus
Theseus makes inspecting variables and control flow easy, even in asynchronous code.

Effective Development
Imagine the ability to fluently edit external styles and code without even leaving your document!

Why Use Brackets?

Design In The Browser
Brackets doesn't get in the way of your creative process. It blends visual tools into the editor while pushing HTML and CSS to the browser as you code (only Google Chrome supported, not Chromium).

An Elevated Experience
Brackets isn't just pretty, it's also powerful. You'll enjoy writing code in Brackets. It will stay out of your way and provide just the right amount of help when you ask for it.

Made with ♥ and JavaScript
Brackets is an open-source project, with an active and growing developer community. It's made by other web developers like you!

It's Evolving
Brackets is a sandbox for trying out new ideas for web tooling. New features and extensions are released every 2.5 weeks. It's like getting presents all year long.



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