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Is Open Source synonymous with Free Software? by R.M.Stallman.

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News around Mac OSX FOSS and last FOSS releases.
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Open Source iPhone and iPad Apps

List of Open Source apps available on iTunes App Store

FOSS Directory

Ready to install binary packages for MacOS X. (Universal/PPC/x86)

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netwww.png Net/www devapp.png Dev/Util game.png Games
• (U) = Universal binaries • (PPC) = PowerPC • (x86) = Intel

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Chromium OSX FreeSMUG build


Pepper&Carrot open-source webcomic ebooks


Just a way to help end-users about FOSS.


Some multimedia tutorials and videos.

FSuite CD

A collection with the most useful Free/OpenSource Software applications packaged for Mac OSX you can download with one click.

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